I hope to change the way you think
about fragrances & body products,
by developing a natural, no allergenic
line, of affordable products for your
lifestyle and our community.

                                                                                       - Robert Dugger
                                                                       Founder, TREBOR Apothecary
Due to the current health crisis and being temporarily back with my family in North Carolina
to care for them, I have developed a line of Hand Sanitizers in 4 scents: Lavender, Tea
Tree, Frankincense, and Moon Child. I can also do unscented and take scent requests.

I currently supply a few health care facilities with these products, so I know it is effective.
My own family and myself carry bottles with us. Tested on the human variety, not animals.
70% ALCOHOL in 2.7 oz. squirt bottles or spray bottles. Made fresh to order with quality
products. Can also ship, price will depend on location.

WARNING: NOT for human or animal consumption. KEEP AWAY from children & pets!

A percentage of sales and product go directly to senior & the needy in our community -
to help, uplift and inspire goodness.

All of our products are lovingly made in Davidson, N. Carolina.

Orders and Customer Service: 305-204-2184               

A special Thank You to Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida, for believing in TREBOR Apothecary,
and granting us a MicroGiving Fund Grant to assist with start up costs, product development
and navigating a new business.

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